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Air Products' MCR (R) Main Cryogenic Heat Exchanger being loaded onto a ship

Liquefaction of Natural Gas (LNG)

Process technology and equipment with proven efficiency and low project cost

Air Products is the world’s leading provider of natural gas liquefaction technology, coil-wound heat exchangers and related equipment and services which are valued for their proven reliability, optimum efficiency, and operational flexibility. Our experience includes the design, manufacturing and successful start-up of over 100 LNG plants.

We can help with LNG

Working closely with our customers and building in-depth knowledge of their requirements has driven the continuous improvement in the LNG technology, equipment, and services that we offer

Designed, manufactured and shipped more than 120 LNG heat exchangers

Offering a full range of process options for peak-shavers to mega-trains

ap0149-operational efficiency
Established technology for emerging FLNG (floating LNG) market

Most knowledgeable, with 50+ years of process and equipment experience

State-of-the-art manufacturing facility located at Port Manatee, Florida

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LNG Technical Articles/Whitepapers

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