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Boeing Plane


Innovative gas solutions that can help your aerospace operation


Industrial gases from a global leader

World's largest producer and supplier of hydrogen and helium

World leader supplying liquid and compressed hydrogen and helium in a variety of purities and supply modes.

Global leading manufacturer of nitrogen, oxygen, and argon

Global leader supplying liquid and compressed nitrogen, oxygen, and argon in a variety of purities and supply modes

Reliable supply of industrial gases

Multi-plant network with primary production plants and secondary product sources to maintain reliable supply.

Own and operates hundreds of gas plants worldwide

Over 75 years of experience in designing and operating industrial gas plants to help you determine the best supply mode

Excellent record of meeting on-time needs

24/7 Inventory Management Services to create a supply replenishment plan based on your current and future production schedule

Industry leader in safety

Nothing is more important to us than the safety and well-being of our operating communities.

Technical support when you need it

Experienced technical teams across the globe can provide supply and technology solutions to meet your unique needs.

World-class customer service

Our approach to customer relationships is based on understanding your needs first.