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Peralatan Gas Khusus

Sebagai salah satu pemasok silinder, curah cair, dan bahan kimia utama untuk berbagai pasar, Air Products memiliki rangkaian lengkap peralatan kontrol gas untuk aplikasi Anda.

Rentangnya meliputi:

  1. Regulator tunggal dan dua tahap, tersedia dalam pilihan tekanan tinggi atau rendah, kuningan atau baja tahan karat
  2. Regulator titik jatuh
  3. Regulator garis
  4. Sistem manifold tunggal, ganda, dan banyak titik, dengan peralihan manual atau otomatis.
  5. Kotak alarm
  6. Lemari
  7. Periksa dan kontrol katup

From Large to Small Air Products Has it Covered​

By drawing upon its extensive technical expertise and having available one of the most comprehensive high-quality product ranges of any gas supplier in the market place Air Products' team of engineers are able to design, install and commission simple projects such as a single cylinder supply pipeline to a piece of equipment, through to a multi-gas auto changeover system.

If you require specialty gas equipment to control corrosive or inert compounds, either in gas or liquid phase Air Products will have the solution for you.

The Benefits of Air Products' Speciality Gas Equipment

Extensive Range

From a simple single-stage regulator to a multi-gas auto changeover system

Technical Expertise

Team of applications engineers to assist in the design of your gas control system

Broad Applications Knowledge

Gained from supporting our customers who are from diverse markets, we can provide the best solution for your application

More information on our speciality gas equipment range?

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