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Metals Production

Industrial gases and technologies for cost efficient metals production

As a global leading industrial gas supplier, Air Products brings decades of experience in gas supply and technology to improve the operations performance of metals producers. We offer a full line of gases--including argon, carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and gas blends--with a broad range of supply mode options and purity levels to suit the needs of your operation. We can also provide a wide variety of technical services and innovative gas-based technologies to help you lower costs and improve productivity, while minimizing the environmental impact of your production processes.

Comprehensive Range of Industrial Gases and Cost-efficient Technologies

Air Products' expertise, gases, supply modes and technologies combine to provide ferrous and non-ferrous metals producers a wide range of operational capabilities and process efficiency improvements, from primary production and refining to secondary recovery and processing, that can result in significant benefits including: 

  • Increased yield
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Reduced emissions
  • Lower operating costs

Industrial Gases and Technologies to Help Lower Your Costs

World-class, extensive industrial gas plant network

99.95% reliability record of providing on-time deliveries to the flow, purity, and pressure you specify

State-of-the-art on-site gas production

Cost-effective, efficient and dedicated supply, tailored to your operating needs

Oxygen-enhanced combustion

Innovative burner systems, custom tailored to your specific needs

Gas injection technology

A wide range of inerting, stirring and refining solutions to improve yield and reduce cost

Process Intelligence

State-of-the-art on-burner diagnostic sensors and wireless communications technology to monitor and control our gases and equipment as well as track key process parameters

“Anyone can supply molecules. Air Products’ after-sales technical support has been phenomenal.”

Stan Albrecht, Plant Engineer, Grede Foundries


Air Products gases, typically provided in gaseous and liquid form, enable customers in a wide range of industries to improve their environmental performance, product quality, and productivity.


Argon, an inert gas, is commonly used in applications across metals production operations to improve quality, and increase efficiency and yield.


Valued for its reactive and protective properties, and used by many industries such as electronics, foods, glass, chemicals, refining and more can benefit from its unique properties to improve quality, optimize performance and reduce costs.


Nitrogen is routinely used in applications across foundries, integrated and mini mills, specialty/stainless, and non-ferrous metals production operations.


Oxygen can improve combustion through increased heat transfer, higher flame temperatures, and reduced volume of fuel gases in metals production operations.

Optimize your metals production processes...

Let our experienced applications engineers help bring the right mix of gas and technology to your operation.


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