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Thermal Spray

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High velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) thermal spray is widely used for coating critical-wear parts like landing gear, bearing races, valves and turbine components. Generally, fully or partially molten metal, composite, or ceramic droplets are propelled from a gun or torch onto the work piece. Air Products offers a variety of technical services, gas-based solutions and a full line of industrial gases—oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, helium and various gas blends for small and large volume users. Our applications engineers can work with you to recommend improvements that can help you optimize gas use and improve product quality.

​Industrial gases from a global leader

In thermal spray coating applications, the consistent supply and purity of industrial gases are key factors for applying the high-quality coatings your end users demand. As a leading industrial gas company, we bring years of experience in gas supply and safety to help you improve your operation’s performance. 

Reliable and secure supply of industrial gases

Multi-plant network with primary production plants and secondary product sources to maintain reliable supply

Global leading manufacturer of nitrogen, oxygen, and argon

Global leader supplying liquid and compressed nitrogen, oxygen, and argon in a variety of purities and concentrations

Excellent record of meeting on-time needs

24/7 Inventory Management Services to create a supply replenishment plan based on current and future production schedule

Industry leader in safety

Nothing is more important to us than the safety and well-being of our operating communities

Technical support when you need it

Experienced technical teams across the globe can provide supply and technology solutions to meet your unique needs

World-class customer service

Our approach to customer relationships is based on understanding your needs first

Own and operate hundreds of gas plants worldwide

Over 75 years of experience in designing and operating industrial gas plants to help you determine the best supply mode

World's leading producer and supplier of helium

World leader supplying compressed gas and liquid helium in a variety of purities and concentrations


Ask the Expert

Mark Lanham
Mark Lanham

Insinyur Aplikasi, Amerika Utara

What are the advantages of using hydrogen as the fuel gas versus traditional hydrocarbons for HVOF operations?

There are only a few types of fuels to use for combustion in traditional HVOF (High Velocity Oxy-Fuel) systems, i.e., hydrogen, kerosene, methane (natural gas), propane and propylene. While each fuel has some distinct advantages, hydrogen offers some unique advantages:
  • Because of its higher thermal conductivity, hydrogen achieves the best heat transfer from the flame to the powder particles despite having an overall lower flame temperature in comparison with the conventional hydrocarbon fuels.
  • The performance of the HVOF process depends on the type of fuel, stoichiometric ratio, and combustion pressure, as well as gun design features. The ability to run rich hydrogen flows creates a reducing atmosphere, which lowers oxide production and further improves the quality of the coating.
  • Due to the complete combustion of the stoichiometric reactants of hydrogen and oxygen, there are no unburned residuals deposited on the coating.
In addition, hydrogen can be delivered at sufficient pressures in tubes and bulk liquid tanks that do not require heating pads during the winter months in order to assure sufficient fuel flow to your HVOF booth.