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Dukungan Pembangkit Hidrogen dan Pabrik di Tempat PRISM®

Performa Unggul. Solusi Terbukti.

Efisien. Kompak. Andal. Generator hidrogen Air Products PRISM® menghemat penggunaan gas alam dan memiliki jejak terkecil di pasar. Itu berarti Anda menghemat energi, menurunkan keseluruhan biaya pasokan hidrogen, dan dapat mengintegrasikan hidrogen di lokasi ke dalam operasi Anda dengan cepat dan mudah. Desain modular generator hidrogen di lokasi memudahkan pemasangan dan mempercepat operasi yang setelahnya dapat dijalankan tanpa pengawasan. Sistem cadangan cairan terintegrasi membantu memastikan pasokan yang andal dan lancar.

Air Products paling memahami hidrogen. Kami adalah pemasok terkemuka dan operator jaringan pipa hidrogen terbesar di dunia. Pelanggan mengandalkan teknologi kami dan dukungan teknis berpengalaman untuk membantu meningkatkan efisiensi proses, mengoptimalkan penggunaan gas, dan meningkatkan keselamatan, serta mengandalkan kami untuk memberikan solusi pasokan yang hemat biaya.

Baik Anda ingin mengganti pabrik yang sudah ada atau membeli hidrogen di lokasi berdasarkan perjanjian penjualan gas di mana Air Products memiliki dan mengoperasikan generator hidrogen atau mencari dukungan dan layanan di lokasi untuk pabrik hidrogen yang ada, tim Air Products insinyur dan ahli di tempat dapat membantu mengembangkan solusi optimal untuk kebutuhan pasokan hidrogen Anda.

Unduh brosur PRISM® Hydrogen Generation Systems

Hydrogen Supply Solutions

  1. Sale-of-Gas: Air Products designs, installs, maintains, owns and operates plant at customer's site with dedicated production capacity and redundant backup supply for molecules via a supply agreement and guaranteed on-stream rate.
  2. Sale-of-Equipment: Air Products designs and ships a turn-key plant to customer via a purchase agreement. Customer installs, owns and operates plant at their site and can purchase services and solutions packages from Air Products to support maintenance strategies, personnel training, and spare part management.

Benefits of On-site Hydrogen Production using a PRISM® Hydrogen Generator (PHG)

Cost-effective Supply

Efficient use of natural gas minimizes energy costs and reduces the overall unit gas cost on a per unit basis

Easy Installation

Fully skidded, compact, modular design requires a small footprint and is easily installed - reducing downtime and minimizes operating costs

High Reliability

Real-time 24/7 remote monitoring and fully integrated backup systems allow for uninterrupted product supply

Flexible Operating Patterns

Designed with industry-leading start-up and turndown modes, PHGs can be installed as single or multi-unit systems to provide flexible and efficient supply

Portfolio of Supply Options to Meet a Range of Requirements

We offer the full spectrum of on-site hydrogen generators and can offer the right solution for your requirements whatever the volume, pressure, purity level, flow rate, and operating pattern may be.

Expertise You Can Depend On and also Peace of Mind

Let our experts take the guesswork out of finding a low cost, long term, sustainable alternative to delivered hydrogen using on-site hydrogen production.

Powerhouse Hydrogen: Solutions to a New Array of Challenges Facing the Hydrocarbon, Petrochemical, and Transportation Industries

Hydrogen suppliers must develop innovative solutions to meet evolving market needs. Whether it is integrating an industrial gas complex or calling for temporary hydrogen, teaming with a far reaching and diverse hydrogen provider like Air Products, can open up new solutions that benefit the hydrocarbon and broader chemical and transportation industries.

Sarah Farnand

Interested in on-site gas plants and services?

Air Products PRISM® generators and on-site plants offer solutions for cost-effective , efficient, dedicated on-site supply of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and argon with added services and support for customer-owned plants.

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