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The Air Products Hydrogen Reactions Lab is designed to create an opportunity for innovation and productivity in our customers' hydrogenation reactions
Chemical Processing


Hydrogen solutions powered by technology, reliability, and safety

Our engineers have many years of experience in developing and running hydrogenation processes and can help you to optimize your system and improve productivity and achieve safer operations.

Hydrogenation reactions are sensitive to a variety of factors that can negatively impact batch time, catalyst life, production rate, and selectivity. In addition to being the world’s leading hydrogen supplier, Air Products can help optimize your hydrogenation reaction and reduce costs through selection of the best supply mode based on your volume, pressure, purity level, flow rate and operating pattern.

Air Products can give you the edge you need to outperform the competition with our suite of offerings

​Liquid Hydrogen

Reliable supply of liquid hydrogen to your installations

Hydrogen Generators

High purity hydrogen generated on-site using proprietary technology

Cryogenic Hydrogen Compressor

The only load-following liquid hydrogen compressor to match your changing production needs

Hydrogen Labs

Hydrogenation labs in Allentown, PA (US only) for testing and evaluating continuous hydrogenation and hydrotreatment processes

Computational Modelling Services

Problem solving and consulting services on the use of applied mathematical and computational techniques

Safety Training

​Safety is our top priority, so our experts can train your personnel in the safe handling and use of industrial gases


Ask the Expert

Mark Lanham
Mark Lanham

Insinyur Aplikasi, Amerika Utara

I'm evaluating some changes to our process that require hydrogen, how can Air Products help me understand the potential effects?

Air Products' Hydrogen Reactions Lab in Allentown, Pennsylvania is designed for testing and evaluating continuous hydrogenation and hydrotreatment processes in multiple industries, including fine and specialty chemicals, transmix processing, used-oil re-refining and pharmaceutical processing. Please see our video for more on our Hydrogen Reactions Lab.