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Integra quick connect

Integra® Cylinder

Our innovation for safer welding, cutting and brazing

Air Products' Integra® cylinder was developed to meet the growing production and safety demands of today's welding industry.

The Integra® cylinder is up to 23% lighter and 33% smaller, making it more stable than traditional 50 litre cylinders, but retaining a similar capacity. It features a built-in pressure regulator, quick-connect system - complete with a range of flow control options - and a live contents gauge, which make for safer and easier operation, while also offering better reliability.

The Integra® cylinder innovation focuses on safer welding, cutting and brazing, and is recognised for its unrivalled safety and ergonomic features.

What are the Benefits of Air Products' Integra® Cylinder?​

Safer At Work 

Shorter and more stable than traditional cylinder so lower risk of the cylinder falling

Reduced Risk of Regulator Damage 

Regulator is fully contained within protective guard

Reduced Exposure to Pressure Hazard

A built-in regulator 

Easier to Use 

Smaller, lighter and more maneuverable than traditional cylinders

Easy Connection

Snap-on connection to cylinder—no need for spanners

No Need for Bottle Keys

Hand-operated on/off valve

Saves Time and Money

High pressure (300 bar) filling technology delivers a large volume of gas in each cylinder

Reduced Gas Consumption 

Gas economiser reduces gas consumption (shielding gas version)

Ask the Expert

How can I set and maintain the optimum flow for my welding process?

Our Integra® cylinder features integrated flow optimisers - this great precision engineered device ensures the optimum pre-set flow for your welding process.