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Hydroprocessing applications

Hydrogen is a fundamental building block for many chemical products such as ammonia and methanol. It also serves as a key material for hydroprocessing applications including hydrogenation. Hydrogenation reactions are sensitive to a variety of factors that can negatively impact batch time, catalyst life, production rate, and selectivity. Air Products can help optimize your hydrogenation reaction and reduce costs through selection of the best supply mode and evaluation and optimization of reaction kinetics or thermodynamics. We can also help optimize hydrotreating or catalyst regeneration processes.

The drivers behind hydrogen usage are expanding and hydrogen suppliers must develop innovative solutions to meet evolving market needs. Whether it is integrating an industrial gas complex by pipeline or calling for temporary hydrogen, teaming with a far reaching and diverse hydrogen provider can open up new solutions that can benefit the chemical industry.

Hydrogen pipelines

Air Products operates hydrogen pipeline networks around the world. Examples include pipelines in Sarnia, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta in Canada; in Rotterdam in The Netherlands; and in the U.S. in Southern California and the Texas/Louisiana Gulf Coast. We continue to grow and expand these franchises.

Flexible on-site generation supply modes to meet new production demand

Onsite gas generation can often provide the optimal low-cost solution for reliable hydrogen supply. Air Products’ onsite modular concept of multiple hydrogen generators provided a favorable alternative solution and can address the need for flexibility and minimal impact to existing plant operation.

Temporary needs in high value markets during hydrogen outages

Advances in liquid hydrogen pumping technology and delivery systems have increased the range of temporary hydrogen supply capabilities. For many specialty and petrochemical manufacturers, temporary supply can provide much of the hydrogen needed to keep production moving while repairs are made to existing hydrogen generators or reformers.

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Jon Trembley
Jon Trembley

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I’m evaluating some changes to my process that requires hydrogen, how can Air Products help me to understand the potential effects?


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