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Calibration Gas

Calibration gas mixtures for analytical instrumentation


Advanced gas mixture preparation techniques

Gas Mixture Stability Up To 10 Years

Cylinder treatment technologies endorsed by the world's leading gas metrology institutes


Robust measurement traceability to international standards

Peace Of Mind

Our experts work tirelessly to ensure our Experis range meets the most stringent quality requirements


A wide range of standard compositions, and rapid delivery of bespoke calibration mixtures to suit your analysis.

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Expert Trish Lees
Trish Lees

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What are the key factors to look out for when buying a calibration mixture?

Traceability of measurement requires an unbroken chain of comparisons to stated references, each with a stated uncertainty. The objective is to deliver national and international comparability. All calibration gas mixtures offered by Air Products are traceable to international standards. Traceable calibrations automatically provide our customers with the means to obtain consistent data over time, even when one mixture is replaced by another, and it allows full comparability of data obtained from similar measurements taken around the world.
Accuracy and uncertainty defines the quality of a measurement and allows the user of a calibration gas mixture to assess the reliability of a stated value. Air Products has been at the cutting edge of gas mixture preparation for decades and has worked tirelessly in improving the accuracy of our stated measurements. Combining our expert knowledge with modern ultra-high accuracy measurement instruments, state of the art filling technologies across all of our world wide special gases facilities, and a vast library of reference materials from national measurement institutes, allows us to deliver market leading accuracy to our customers around the globe.
Uniquely to Air Products, the standard uncertainty of measurement for all our certified gas mixtures is calculated individually for each mixture component, and for many components we offer market leading uncertainties down to +/- 0.05 %. This is a clear indication of the highest accuracy and Air Products leadership position in this field. Accuracy is helping our customers to be safer, more competitive, more compliant, and more profitable, as well as allowing them to achieve technical excellence across a wide range of industries and applications.
Gas mixture stability is a measurement of how long a mixture can be confidently used after its initial certification by the manufacturer. Air Products dominance in the field of mixture stability is based on a range of factors. For each and every mixture we produce, we consider the optimum cylinder and valve selection, the best surface treatments and cylinder preparation techniques, and the selection of ultra-high purity component gases. When combined with advanced filling methods and analytical techniques, Air Products is able to create extremely stable blends that will remain within tight specifications for more than 10 years.
Experis® cylinder treatments reflect decades of research and development, and have allowed Air Products to repeatedly demonstrate market leading stability of a wide range of mixtures. Even mixtures of highly reactive components with concentrations measured in parts per billion are offered with shelf lives of up to 3 years. Consequently, Air Products has become a trusted supplier of treated cylinders to national laboratories and leading gas metrology institutes, receiving endorsements from around the world. In this way, Air Products is a true leader in advancing the science of gas mixture stability.
This innovative and customer focused approach allows our customers to reduce inventory costs versus shorter shelf life equivalents, minimize the inconvenience of cylinder changeovers, and simplify legislative or quality compliance in diverse industries. An Air Products gas mixture provides added peace of mind that it will remain within a tight specification for years to come.