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Proses Pemantauan dan Sistem Kontrol

Dapatkan kualitas produk yang konsisten dan andal, pengurangan pengerjaan ulang atau cacat, dan peningkatan keamanan proses

Sistem Pemantauan dan Kontrol Proses memungkinkan Anda untuk terus memantau dan mengatur variabel proses Anda, serta melacak dan merekam beberapa aliran data dari berbagai titik selama operasi Anda dan kemudian mengubah data tersebut menjadi informasi yang dapat digunakan.

Process Monitoring and Control System


  • Optimize gas consumption and furnace performance by monitoring gas and utility usage rates and furnace variables such as time, temperature, and atmosphere flow rates and composition
  • Identify and minimize bottlenecks to improve efficiency
  • Expedite troubleshooting
  • Decrease the variability in your process and reduce scrap
  • Improve safety by monitoring multiple processes and enabling automated alarms
  • Reduce labor costs by eliminating manual data collection
  • Improve production management through enhanced product scheduling and preventive maintenance
  • Track production by part, batch, shift, or time
  • Accelerate continuous improvement efforts with accurate, real-time information
  • Analyze data with SPC/SQC capabilities

Ask the Expert

Chris Ward

Engineering Associate, North America

“Can I remotely monitor what’s happening in my furnaces and other process equipment while I’m away from my plant?”
With the proper instrumentation and controls, you can securely monitor and control your heat treating or thermal process from nearly anywhere in the world! This is possible using a variety of hardware and communication methods, including Internet, dial-up, and cell phones. Alarm and warning notifications can also be proactively delivered to you so you can react to upsets, trends, and events before it’s “too late.” It’s important to identify the key parameters, equipment and instrumentation you want to monitor, and then select the hardware and software that best match your needs.


Mission Accomplished
Air Products’ Process Management System Enhances Sintering Operation

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