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Pabrik Penggilingan Ultra-Halus PolarFit®

Cara hemat biaya untuk menghasilkan partikel ultra halus

Pabrik penggilingan ultra-halus PolarFit® kami adalah sistem penggilingan serbaguna yang menyediakan cara hemat biaya untuk mengurangi material yang sulit digiling menjadi ukuran partikel yang lebih kecil daripada yang dapat dicapai dengan pabrik impak konvensional.

Ini menggunakan kekuatan nitrogen cair untuk menghilangkan panas yang dihasilkan dalam proses penggilingan dengan mengontrol suhu produk Anda atau pabrik.

Pabrik menghasilkan hasil partikel yang konsisten pada jaring elemen yang diperlukan. Dalam beberapa kasus, dapat menghasilkan partikel sekecil 10 mikron.

Pabrik ini ideal untuk pengurangan ukuran kriogenik dari berbagai macam material.

Unduh brosur PolarFit® Ultra-Fine-Grinding Mill

Key Benefits Include the Following:

  • Ultra-fine particle size
  • More uniform particle distribution
  • Higher yields of particles in your target range
  • Improved product quality due to minimal or no heat damage
  • Less recycling and lower production costs

The PolarFit® Ultra-Fine-Grinding Mill

Using the cooling power of liquid nitrogen and multiple impact mechanisms, Air Products’ mill can help you achieve:

  • Higher yields of particles in your target range, less recycling
  • More uniform particle size, shape and distribution
  • Fine to coarse particles from soft to hard materials
  • Higher production rates
  • Lower operating cost

How Can Air Products' Ultra Fine Grinding Mill Help with Hard to Grind Materials?​

Size Reduction Mechanisms

Impact, attrition and particle–particle collision to achieve much smaller particle sizes than other mills

Easily Adjustable Grinding Gap

Produces particle sizes from ultrafine to coarse, eliminates the need for other grinding equipment improving efficiency

High Efficiency, Less Operating Costs

Fine-grinding results are achieved with a lower nitrogen-to-product ratio than can be obtained with other mills

Turnkey Skid-Mounted Cryogenic System

Individual system components are also available

Durable and Easy to Maintain

Hydraulic mill opening  allows easy maintenance and reduces cleaning time

Ease of Use

Mill has easily adjustable grinding gap for flexibility in particle size

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They can help determine which size reduction system configuration is best for your operation.

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The Air Products Advantage

As a leader in cryogenic applications, we offer complete technical services from our experienced staff and fully equipped facilities:

  • Feasibility and design through start-up and ongoing service
  • Product testing using the ultra-fine-grinding mill at state-of-the-art trial facilities
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