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APCOS™ Technology

Air Products Cupola Oxy-fuel System for Mineral Wool/Rockwool Production

Our APCOS technology is a tuyere-based system that operates in conjunction with a cupola's current blast air. It uses a proprietary burner design that injects supersonic oxygen and natural gas to replace coke, allow coke substitutions and/or increase production. The APCOS burner can also accommodate solids injection through the burner, with the heat of the oxy-fuel flame allowing significant solids injection without cooling the melt zone. The rapid response of heat and solids injection at the tuyere offers operators a great tool to control the cupola and recover from upsets. The APCOS burners can be controlled individually or as a group and burners can be placed in a single tuyere, alternate tuyeres or all tuyeres. The burner is designed to allow optimal heat release and supersonic injection across a wide range of heat inputs. The flow controls for the burner's system and safety interlocks can be integrated into the cupola control system and feature data acquisition and reporting capabilities.

The APCOS Oxy-fuel Technology for Mineral Wool Cupolas Can:

  • Increase efficiency by adding energy directly to the melt zone
  • Reduce the coke requirements and facilitate the substitution of coal for a portion of the remaining coke charge in a coke-based process
  • Enable optimal control of cupola temperatures
  • Provide the ability to inject coke breeze or other solids through the burner
  • Reduce flue gas emissions such as CO, CO, SO and NO

​Count on Air Products' expertise…

Our experienced applications engineers can help you assess the benefits that our APCOS technology can bring to your mineral wool cupola operation.