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The Air Products Hydrogen Reactions Lab is designed to create an opportunity for innovation and productivity in our customers' hydrogenation reactions

Hydrogen Reactions Lab

Flexible and robust testing facility for the chemicals, pharmaceutical and refining industries

Air Products' Hydrogen Reactions Lab in Allentown, Pennsylvania is designed for testing and evaluating continuous hydrogenation and hydrotreatment processes in multiple industries, including fine and specialty chemicals, transmix processing, used-oil refining and pharmaceutical processing.

Hydrogen Reactions Lab Capabilities

The reactor lineup in our lab is variable and operates as one or more reactors in a sequential configuration. Each reactor can also be customized to use your specific catalysts for trials. This way, your trial can run multiple, sequential reaction steps with differing catalysts at high pressure, including:

Temperatures up to 350°C

Pressures up to 2000 psig

Compare different catalysts

Assess raw material quality

Vary residence time

Assess product quality and yield