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Halia® QM pH neutralisation system with carbon dioxide

Halia® QM pH Neutralisation Systems

pH control by the addition of Carbon Dioxide (CO₂)

Air Products Halia® QM CO₂ neutralisation systems offer tailor-made dissolution equipment to satisfy any pH adjustment requirement.

Halia® QM systems are presented as a skid-mounted equipment, all in place. They are compact and automated, with a high CO₂ dissolution efficiency and adapted to all kind of water treatment.

What are the Benefits of Air Products' Halia® QM pH Neutralisation Systems?​

All in Place Skid

Water and wastewater pH neutralisation with skid-mounted equipment with CO₂ injection, gas dissolution and pH control

Customised Design

Designed to cover your specific needs depending on the water characteristics and the pH decrease required

Safer than Strong Acids

No need to handle strong acids bins as Halia® QM can be automated to work in continuous mode

No Risk of over Acidification

The CO₂ self-buffering capacity and the automatically controlled system eliminates the risk of decreasing pH below 5