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Wastewater plant

Halia® Modular Aeration System

Pure oxygen injection for aerobic biological processes

The Air Products' Halia® modular aeration system consists in the combination of a VSA (Vacuum Swing Adsorption) oxygen generator integrated with a low energy mixer aerator. The mixer is mast-mounted allowing easy installation and access. The VSA is based on robust rotary-lobe blower technology. Together they form a novel, efficient, yet easily maintained package capable of delivering dissolved oxygen to any wastewater basin or oxidation tank.

How Can Halia® Modular Aeration System Improve Your Wastewater Treatment?​

Low Emissions

99% of gas leaving the surface of the basin is reduced, and so the VOC and odour levels in the basin are reduced

High Resistance

Treatments with oxygen generally give higher levels of biomass solids, and avoid typical process failures of air systems

High Efficiency

Specific oxygen transfer rates up to 2kg/kWh can be achieved under operating conditions in the basin environment

High Treatment Rates

Up to 10kg COD/m3/day can be achieved with oxygen-enhanced systems

Easy Installation

The submerged mixer can be mounted onto a guide rail and installed without draining the aeration basin