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Sistem Pemantauan Titik Embun

Mempertahankan komposisi atmosfer yang diperlukan untuk mencapai kualitas dan konsistensi produk yang tinggi.

Sistem Pemantauan Titik Embun memungkinkan pabrikan untuk mematuhi persyaratan CQI-9 dan NADCAP dengan pemantauan terus menerus dari atmosfer tungku. Sistem ini mempertahankan konsistensi yang akurat dari tingkat titik embun yang diukur dengan memasukkan fitur desain seperti proses pembersihan otomatis dan kalibrasi sensor, bersama dengan kontrol suhu sensor dan sistem pengambilan sampel. Penyimpangan dan perubahan titik embun yang dilaporkan melalui pemantauan / alarm lokal atau dari jarak jauh melalui akses server cloud juga dapat membantu mengatasi masalah operasional tungku dengan cepat dan efisien.
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Is My Dew Pointer Measuring Correctly?

Watch the video to learn about important factors for consistent and accurate measuring of a dew point in a furnace.

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Continuous local and online monitoring

Your furnace dewpoint always available at the furnace or anywhere through a secure cloud-based server

Reliable and low maintenance

Automated self-cleaning and sensor calibration

Enables quality program compliance

Helps manufacturers comply with CQI-9, NADCAP, and other industry or customer specific quality programs

Improves production planning

Dew point can predict furnace operational issues enabling operators to plan for preventative maintenance

Typical Installation with the Air Products' Dew Point Monitoring System

The Air Products’ dew point monitoring solution enables sampling hot-zone atmosphere using a sampling pump.

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Ask the Expert

Don Bowe

Applications Engineer

“Is my dewpointer measuring correctly?”

Dew point (DP) is a measure of the moisture composition in a furnace atmosphere. In the various zones of a sintering furnace, the atmosphere can vary widely from a relatively wet, oxidizing atmosphere in the pre-heat zone to a dry, reducing atmosphere in the hot and cooling zones. Maintaining the appropriate atmosphere composition in each zone is critical to achieving the desired delubrication and consistency of the sintered product.

Dew points of –35 to –45°C (–31 to –49°F) are typically desired in the hot zone to ensure carbon control and a good sinter. Continuous monitoring of the dew point in the hot zone can be challenging. Particulate and vapor-phase contaminants in the sample gas stream can potentially accumulate in filtering systems and on sensors. As a result, dew point readings can drift significantly, causing erroneous measurement and necessitating frequent cleaning, recalibration, and sensor replacement. Temperature variations within the sampling unit can also impact the accuracy of the sensors.

These issues can be mitigated by incorporating an automated self-cleaning and sensor calibration process. Temperature control of the sensor and the sampling system are also essential to maintain consistency. This can be achieved via various design features. Drifts and changes in dew point that are reported through local monitoring/alarms or remotely through cloud server access can also help to address furnace operational issues quickly and efficiently.

Continuous dew point monitoring helps manufacturers comply with CQI-9 and NADCAP requirements, and enables operators to plan ahead for shutdowns and preventive maintenance of their furnaces.

Air Products has recently developed a dew point monitoring system to address these issues. 

Continuous Dew Point Measurements System for a Sintering Furnace

"Customers using our continuous dew point monitoring technology find
that the system enables uninterrupted use, without the need for
calibration or maintenance, and provides alerts on process drifts and
maintenance needs."

Tom Philips, Applications Engineer

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