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Kompresor Hidrogen atau Helium Kriogenik

Cara berbiaya rendah untuk memenuhi kebutuhan produksi Anda

Produsen industri yang membutuhkan hidrogen bertekanan tinggi untuk kimia, penyulingan, dan pembuatan bioenergi sekarang dapat mengurangi biaya dan meningkatkan waktu onstream dengan menggunakan Hidrogen Kriogenik atau Kompresor Helium (CHC) Air Products sistem. Teknologi berpemilik adalah sistem pasokan hidrogen cair yang memberikan fleksibilitas operasi lengkap untuk laju aliran hidrogen hingga 120.000 scfh di bawah tekanan hingga 10.000 psig. Perubahan kebutuhan produksi dapat disesuaikan secara instan, mengurangi biaya dan meminimalkan waktu henti.

Unduh brosur Sistem Kompresor Hidrogen Kriogenik

With Air Products' CHC system, industrial producers requiring high-pressure hydrogen can reduce operating costs, increase efficiency, and improve onstream time.

​Multiple ways the CHC can help to reduce costs and other benefits

Lower capital expense

The efficiency of the CHC system requires less capital investment to achieve the desired flow and pressure requirements

Reduced operating costs through minimized vent losses

A two-phase flow process can capture gas formed through normal heat leak vaporization and deploy that gas into the process

Increased efficiency through load-following

With Air Products' unique load-following technology, the system's output can fluctuate and closely match changing demand requirements

Easy to install

The CHC system consists of completely skidded modular components that can be installed easily and safely on your site

Reliable supply

With a network of distribution facilities located strategically throughout North America, dedicated drivers, and proprietary logistics software, bulk gas delivery is 99.95 % on-time

How the System Works

Simplified P&ID, Cryogenic Hydrogen Compressor System

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