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Louisiana Clean Energy Complex

The Louisiana Clean Energy Complex will produce low-carbon hydrogen to power mobility and industrial markets in the Gulf Coast region and beyond. The facility will capture and sequester 95% of its carbon dioxide emissions (over 5 million tons per year)permanently sequestering the CO2 in ideal geological pore space in Louisiana. 

This project is the largest U.S. investment by Air Products and a major investment in the State of Louisiana. This clean energy complex will enhance the local economy, use proven technology to significantly reduce emissions through carbon capture for permanent sequestration, and help customers improve their own sustainability performance. 

Louisiana intends to reduce GHG emissions to net-zero by 2050 while consecutively preserving the state’s economic competitiveness. This project helps move toward achieving both of those goals.



Air Products' largest U.S. investment


permanent jobs at new clean energy complex

$15.9 million

annual payroll, with an average salary of $93,000


construction jobs created over three years


world's largest carbon capture for permanent sequestration operation

>5 million

tons per year of CO2 captured and permanently sequestered

Proud History Serving Louisiana

  • 55+ years of continuous operation in the state
  • >$2 billion in capital investment prior to this project
  • 18 active manufacturing facilities; 5 in Ascension Parish
  • >330 full-time employees
  • >$1 million in contributions from the Air Products Foundation in Louisiana since 2015
  • $1.25 million in disaster relief assistance provided in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina
  • $150,000 annually in philanthropic activity in the community
  • Strong record in health and safety in protecting our employees and the environment

Air Products' Blue Hydrogen Energy Complex

Air Products’ blue hydrogen energy complex will make Louisiana a leader in the U.S.’ clean energy transition. The complex will produce >750 million standard cubic feet per day of blue hydrogen for Air Products’ pipeline customers in the U.S. Gulf Coast and blue ammonia for global hydrogen markets, including transportation/mobility.

Sequestration Facts

The sequestration site will be constructed and operated to meet all state and federal standards, which were established to protect the community and the environment.

Safe Storage Far Below Water Tables

The carbon sequestration will occur ~1 mile beneath the surface; water tables are found around 100 feet.

Permanent Sequestration

Carbon sequestration is permanent and is an environmentally sound disposition of CO2 that does not fracture rock.

Stable Pore Space

More than 400 million metric tons of CO2 have already been injected in stable pore space over 50 years worldwide.


During sequestration, Air Products will conduct continuous measurement, monitoring, verification, and reporting.

World’s Largest Carbon Capture for Permanent Sequestration Operation

Approximately 95% of the CO2 generated at the facility will be captured, compressed, and transported safely by pipeline to multiple inland sequestration sites located along a pipeline corridor extending up to 35 miles to the east of the new production facility. Over 5 million MTPY of CO2 will be permanently sequestered in geologic pore space secured from the State of Louisiana approximately one mile beneath the surface.

The World's Largest Hydrogen Pipeline System

Air Products' U.S. Gulf Coast System Can Provide Both Gray and Blue Hydrogen

A portion of the blue hydrogen from this project will be compressed and supplied to customers by Air Products’ extensive U.S. Gulf Coast hydrogen pipeline network, the world’s largest, stretching 700+ miles from Galveston Bay, TX to New Orleans. Today, the pipeline network can supply customers with more than 1.6 billion cubic feet of hydrogen per day from ~25 production facilities, including blue hydrogen supplied from our Port Arthur, TX facility which has captured ~1 million tons of CO2 annually since 2013.

Blue hydrogen is produced utilizing hydrocarbons as a feedstock, with the carbon dioxide (CO2) in the production process permanently sequestered. 

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