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Solvent Abatement / VOC Recovery

Do you want to achieve the toughest solvent emissions standards?

Stricter government legislation has led to many companies seeking to improve their measurement and control of solvent emissions.

With the Air Products' Cryo-Condap® system, you can meet the environmental regulations on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions by reducing them to today's standards and recover close to 100% of solvents with the highest process efficiency.

The Cryo-Condap® system uses liquid nitrogen to condense VOCs at the closest temperature to their freezing point. Thanks to this setting, the Cryo-Condap® system has an optimal condensation rate, which makes it easy to remove the VOCs from the gas stream to conform with environmental legislation.

​An Effective and Economic Solution to Reduce VOC Emissions


Uncontaminated and clean gaseous nitrogen


With over 200 installations the Cryo-Condap® system technology is proven to recover close to 100% of most types of organic solvent vapours


The liquid nitrogen that condenses the VOC can be used to inert, while the solvents can be recycled for re-use or resale


It can help meet emission standards while also bringing operational advantages to a production process


Zero-added waste system 


Ask the Expert

Mark Lanham
Mark Lanham

Insinyur Aplikasi, Amerika Utara

How can you help me reduce the VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) in my process emissions?

Air Products Cryocondap® VOC recovery technology can help to reduce VOC’s in your process. Our system uses liquid nitrogen in a heat exchanger to cool down the process gas. As the temperature drops, so does the capacity of the gas to carry the VOCs as vapor. The VOCs condense and freeze into particles so that the process gas can then conform to environmental requirements.

Watch our video to hear more about the features and benefits of Air Products' proprietary Cryo-Condap® VOC recovery technology.