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Sinter HIPing

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In the Sinter-HIP process, sintering and HIPing (Hot Isostatic Pressing) are combined into a single process step. Air Products can provide various industrial gases for sinter-HIP (pressure-assisted sintering) applications, including argon and hydrogen. Hydrogen is primarily used to facilitate the removal of the binder material, while argon provides the pressure medium for densification and void removal.

​Sinter HIPing Solutions and Expertise

Applying innovation and our expertise to solve our customers’ problems is our core strength

Improved quality of sinter HIPed components

Air Products’ atmosphere solutions for sinter HIPing provide an excellent means to improve the quality of your products

Customized solutions

Proper selection of the type and amount of gas mixture can result in specific metallurgical properties, surface quality, and dimensional control

Reliable and secure supply of argon and hydrogen

We are positioned to meet your argon and hydrogen needs today, tomorrow, and in the future

Technical expertise

Our unique understanding of sinter HIPing leads to more productivity, lowered long-term costs, and enhanced safety for customers