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Hydrogen Energy Station
Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen Fueling for Power Generation

Hydrogen is being considered as a replacement for today's fossil fuels because it is abundant, efficient, and unlike other alternatives, it offers the potential to be renewable and it produces no emissions. It can be utilized as the energy carrier for generating electrical power with hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen combustion engines.
Within a hydrogen fuel cell, hydrogen combines with oxygen from the air to create electricity. The fuel cell can run continuously and generate energy as long as the hydrogen fuel is being supplied, and the only by-products are heat and water.

Benefits of hydrogen fuel cells for power generation:

Many fuel cells utilized today for distributed power generation require integration with a fuel processor to produce a hydrogen-rich gas from a hydrocarbon-based fuel such as natural gas or propane. 


Non-polluting, zero emissions

High Energy Efficiency

Fuel cells are up to three times more efficient than internal combustion engines

Reduced Oil Dependence

Hydrogen can be made from renewable resources

Choose Air Products’ SmartFuel™ hydrogen for:


Safety is Air Products number one priority and incorporated into all aspects of our products.

Product Supply

One of world's largest hydrogen producers with the ability to deliver hydrogen or install onsite hydrogen production. 

Project Execution 

Experienced project engineers with a focus on safety and speed of execution.