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Dried grains
Food Industry

Pest Control With CO₂

Effective and natural alternative to fumigation with chemicals

Are you worried about insect growth in your dry products storage areas? Are you looking for safer alternatives to toxic fumigation, especially for organic products?

Our modified atmospheres with high carbon dioxide (CO₂) and low oxygen (O₂) levels, offer an effective alternative to fumigation for insect pest control in storage areas such as silos or large bags.

Whether you choose the high-pressure treatment to resolve the issue within a few hours, or an atmospheric-pressure treatment for a cost-effective, but somewhat longer process, our experts are here to help you handle your insect problems in the best way.

The Benefits of Air Products' Modified Atmospheres

There are four main reasons why you may prefer modified atmospheres to fumigation:

Natural Alternative To Toxic Pesticides

CO₂ leaves no residues, requires no safety interval and it is suitable for organic food

ap0149-operational efficiency

Our research has shown a 100% mortality of typical pest species, no matter what their development stage is


Recuperated CO₂ is more environmentally friendly than chemical alternatives

Cost Effective

The atmospheric pressure treatment is labour-free and cheap although it does require longer treatment time