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Bubbles from aerator jet
Water and Wastewater

Ozone Vent Gas Reuse

Halia® ozone solutions for wastewater treatment

Do you want to value your ozone off-gas stream?

Ozone generators produce concentrations from 10% to 15% of ozone in the feed gas. In this way, 85% to 90% of the feed gas consumed is not used and represents a huge cost that makes ozone expensive.

Air Products has developed adapted technologies to reuse this off-gas into a wastewater biological plant. Without compression stage, with a simple self-aspirant device, the ozone off-gas is recovered and used to aerate a biological plant. In this way, the oxygen is valued in the aeration process where energy could be saved.

How can Air Products Reduce your Ozone Costs?​

Cost Savings on Aeration

Recover pure oxygen off gas from ozone processes to aerate biological plants

Ozone Destruction Costs Savings