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Hydrogen Fueling for Forklifts, Indoor and Enclosed Area Goods Transport

Every hour spent changing, recharging and maintaining lead-acid forklift batteries eats into productivity. Now, there’s an alternative. Hydrogen fuel cells can help enhance material handling operations through superior performance that helps to increase productivity. Air Products provides the hydrogen supply and fueling infrastructure for fuel cell power packs, which are direct replacements for the industrial batteries used in forklifts, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and other material handling vehicles.

Benefits of hydrogen fuel powered forklifts:


Eliminates time-consuming recharging and swap-outs associated with batteries; vehicles are refueled once or twice per day and can be refueled in one to three minutes

Consistent power

Produces constant voltage, so industrial vehicles maintain constant speed throughout the workday

Zero emissions

The only emission from hydrogen fuel cells is water


Designed for simple, cost-effective installation and automatic operation for high reliability

Choose Air Products' SmartFuel™ hydrogen solutions for:


Safety is Air Products number one priority and incorporated into all aspects of our products.


Multi-faceted approach to ensuring uninterrupted performance of our fueling stations.

Product Supply

One of world's largest hydrogen producers with the ability to deliver hydrogen or install onsite hydrogen production.


Multi-faceted approach to ensuring uninterrupted performance of our fueling stations.

Project Execution

Experienced project engineers with a focus on safety and speed of execution.

Pilot Program Support

Unique portable fueling stations for short-term testing and evaluation.

SmartFuel™ hydrogen dispensers offer fast-fill capabilities, are easy to use, and are designed for safe operation.

Interested in hydrogen fueling for material handling?

Talk to our experts about how SmartFuel hydrogen solutions can help achieve the benefits of hydrogen-powered forklifts.

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