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Blimp flying

Lifting for Aerospace

Air Products’ helium puts the rise in your lifting needs

Air Products’ helium puts the rise in balloons, aerostats/ blimps, airships, and high-altitude scientific research balloons worldwide. Our helium customers can count on our more than five decades of helium extraction, production, distribution and storage experience. We’ll provide a secure, reliable helium supply to your hanger, deployment field or wherever you need it.

Industrial Gases from a Global Leader

Reliable and secure supply of industrial gases

Multi-plant network with primary production plants and secondary product sources to maintain reliable supply

Excellent record of meeting on-time needs

24/7 Inventory Management Services to create a supply replenishment plan based on your current and future production schedule

Industry leader in safety

Nothing is more important to us than the safety and well-being of our operating communities.

Technical support when you need it

Experienced technical teams across the globe can provide supply and technology solutions to meet your unique needs.

World-class customer service

Our approach to customer relationships is based on understanding your needs first

World's leading producer and supplier of helium

World leader supplying liquid and compressed helium in a variety of purities and supply modes.