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Food Industry

Inerting, Sparging, Pressurizing and Purging

The inert and dry properties of food grade gases offer a world of solutions

Do you wish to blanket your flammable oils with a protective layer of nitrogen, sparge fine bubbles of nitrogen or CO₂ through your liquid food preparation to remove unwanted dissolved oxygen, pressurize your lightweight packaging, push your liquids through your pipework or anything in between?

Our engineers and tailored solutions can help make sure that your inerting, sparging, pressurizing and purging processes meet all performance standards while minimizing gas volume requirements and optimizing supply mode.

 Why Are Inert Gases So Often Used?

Quality and Shelf Life

They displace moisture and oxygen preventing accelerated product deterioration and unwanted reactions.

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Operational efficiency

Under pressure, they can move liquids and remove unwanted gases or impurities from storage areas or piping networks.

Waste Reduction

They can pressurise lightweight packaging, preventing package collapse. Thinner bottles means less plastic waste.

Cost Savings

Extended shelf-life, reduced plastic usage and decreased foaming during the carbonation step means more cost savings.


Inert gases are non-reactive. They enable safe storage and use of flammables and prevent combustible dust explosions.