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Fiber optic cables 

Fiber Optics

Improve the information transfer speed for today and tomorrow

Today there are more than 2 billion kilometers of optical fiber installed around the globe that serve multiple applications, from telecommunications to medical and industrial. As the global leader of industrial gases, Air Products can provide a wide range of gases for different processes from preform manufacturing to fiber drawing, including helium, hydrogen, and nitrogen, as well as related equipment and services.

Ask the Expert

With helium in short supply globally, are there other gases or alternatives that I can use for my fiber pulling operation?

As the global supply of helium struggles to cope with the increased demand for this gas, here are two potential alternatives:

  1. You can blend argon with the helium, with argon at 20% and helium at 80%.This will reduce your helium usage; however, you will most likely need to slightly reduce your pull speed rate. A blending system will be required to accurately blend these gases for peak performance.
  2. If your only choice is to use 100% helium, you can work with your gas supplier to understand if the helium can be recovered and recycled for reuse in your fiber pull operation.This will require modifications of the cooler tubes and associated equipment to remove the moisture and oxygen in the recovered helium.