Volunteerism and Employee Engagement

We develop stakeholder outreach plans aimed at addressing high priority needs and maintaining positive relationships with the communities near our largest operations globally. These plans include meetings with local leaders, facility tours, emergency response training, and support for education and philanthropy.

Our employees are also very engaged in their local communities. In 2021, Air Products' employees and retirees volunteered and were involved in hundreds of community programs.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

Many of our employees directly support STEM activities in collaboration with educational organizations including schools, colleges, universities, and community groups. By attracting people to STEM careers, we help build future career paths and develop strong talent pools. Our STEM efforts target diverse groups, including students at different education levels, workers, and community members. While COVID-19 continued to impact STEM programs in 2021, we were still able to reach nearly 17,000 students.

A Sampling of Community Projects Around the World

We continued to engage with our communities in 2021 while following COVID-19 protocols and using virtual technology.